Headteachers and heads of Institutions are hereby instructed to give the teachers the necessary assistance for this preparation.

As you may be aware, even after the lockdown has been lifted, the education Institutions will need to be prepared for resumption of learning.

In this regard, the Ministry plans to strengthen the program of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Psycho-social support, safety and security of learners and coordination with various stakeholders.

Working with Ministry of Health, we shall issue Standard Operating Procedures to education Institutions to ensure safety of learners and teachers.

Finally, the Ministry will continue to actively monitor the situation and
make further recommendations as guided by H.E The President, the Ministry of Health and the National Taskforce on COVID-19.

Ensure your personal safety and that of the learners by following the
national guidelines on COVID -19.

Please avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

Wash with soap and use sanitizers as often as you can.

Keep home and observe social distancing.

We are praying and trusting God who is able to reverse this situation.

We are confident that soon life will return to normalcy.

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